Disk space considerations when logging in MVCM

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    What are the considerations when logging in MainView Console Consolidation?  How to avoid using up all of your diskspace on the Linux server hosting MVCM



    MVCM doesn't have any built-in procedures for shipping off logs to somewhere else, this is strictly up to the customer to define what logs they want and where they should go.
    The first step is to identify which logs you are interested in preserving and for what future use. For example, if you want to move logs to the mainframe, you would want to be using a file transfer that translated ASCII to EBCDIC if they expect to be able to view them.  Another destination for logging is Windows where analysis can be performed.

    You must follow these steps in order to avoid  using up disk space:

    1. For the Tomcat web server we use the Linux "logrotate" facility by creating /etc/logrotate.d/ems_tomcat to periodically trim the one tomcat log file that can otherwise grow forever (/usr/tomcat/logs/catalina.out) and purge logs older than 30 days.

    3. The Automation servers use a standard third-party logging package to limit the size and number of their main logging files.

    5. The Console servers limit their standard logs to a configurable max; the optional auditing logs that record operator activity - login/logoff, console commands - do get rolled off to archival copies in the same directory when the configured maximum is reached. MVCM retains the archival audit logs indefinitely, it is the customers responsibility to manage them.



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