App Visibility - What are App Visibility health events and their settings?

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    What are App Visibility health events?

    What are the settings for the App Visibility health events?



    App Visibility Manager triggers health events when the status, or health, changes for one or more of the following App Visibility components:

    App Visibility Portal
    App Visibility Collector
    App Visibility Proxy
    App Visibility Agent for Java
    App Visibility Agent for .NET
    Synthetic TEA Agents.

    See the following link for more information about the App Visibility health events:

    By default, App Visibility sends health events that have a severity of Major or Critical to integrated systems, such as TrueSight Information Management.  The severity can be adjusted at which to send health events.  The settings for the App Visibility health events are located in the files in the /portal/properties directory on the App Visibility Portal server.  See the following for the steps to adjust the severity of these App Visibility health events:

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    Below is a link explaining where the App Visibility health events are stored:


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