Mainview for DB2 - How to get a list of maintenance ?

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    MainView for DB2


    When working with support or determining if a particular PTF has been applied to the Mainview for DB2 environment, how does one get a list of current maintenance applied to the product.


    Solution: The fastest way to get a listing of current maintenance is to look in the Mainview DB2 PAS address space. Within the listing there is the current maintenance listed by component.

    Also provided is the current STEPLIB libraries, the BBI Load library and the date.

    The following is an abbreviated example:
    BMCDMR0001I 01:54:27 TODAY IS 09/28/2019                                     
    BMCDMR0002I 01:54:27 STEPLIB :                                               
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   XXXXXX.CPY1907A.BBLINK                                
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   BMCXXX.CPY1907A.DBLINK                                
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   BMCXXX.CPY1907A.XXLINK                                
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   BMCXXX.DBC.UBMCLINK                                   
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   BMCXXX.DBC.RTE1907A.BMCLINK                           
    BMCDMR0002I 01:54:27 BBILOAD :                                               
    BMCDMR0003I 01:54:27   BMCXXX.CPY1907A.BBLINK                                
    BMCDMR0005I 01:54:27 MainView for DB2 12.1.00 Maintenance Report by Component
    BMCDMR0006I 01:54:27 DMRDBMNT:                                               
    BMCDMR0006I 01:54:27 ---------                                               
    BMCDMR0007I 01:54:27 BPD4520 BPD4533 BPD4535 BPD4537 BPD4541 BPD4543 BPD4548 
    BMCDMR0007I 01:54:27 BPD4554 BPD4559 BPD4571 BPD4574 BPD4575 BPD4807 BPD4584 

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