How events work in MainView SRM Automation

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    MainView SRM Enterprise Storage Automation


    How events work in MainView SRM Automation


    When a user-defined storage condition is noted in FLST/RLST members of MainView SRM functions, MainView SRM Automation can identify the condition, generate an event (in the form of a user-defined message), and send the event to:

    • TSO users
    • The system log or console
    • MainView AutoOPERATOR
    • Other automated-operations packages
    The FLST/RLST statements for the function define the conditions to be acted upon and the ID of an event to be generated. 

    The EVENTID keyword in an FLST or RLST function member defines the identification of the event. In the SMEVNTxx PARMLIB member, you define the entire event definition, including modifiable text with data substitution. An event definition specifies the message text to create for the event, the destinations where the event is sent, and other information. 

    The SMEVNTxx member is also used to activate internal system events that are generated automatically by MainView SRM Automation. These events are defined in System event definitions. You must create an entry in SMEVNTxx for any system event that you want to modify. 

    The SMEVNT member suffix is specified in the SMMSYSxx member by way of the EVNT keyword. SMMSYSxx is the MainView SRM system-configuration member and contains suffixes of most other PARMLIB members. 


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