After upgrade to RSSO 19.05: No login-page appears after Kerberos-Authentication has failed

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    RSSO 18.08 and above


    Create realm with a chain Kerberos-->Local
    Open application protected by rsso on the machine not from the KDC domain in IE (this is an IE issue only)
    In pop-up provide some credentials and submit

    Nothing will happen

    In the RSSO server log you will see this e.g.:
    18-10-19 10:15:30.141 [43-exec-24] DEBUG .rsso.servlet.LoginRequestServlet.processRequest(): Incoming request from the url: '' for the <domain>@<realm>: '*@*'
    18-10-19 10:15:30.141 [43-exec-24] DEBUG .rsso.servlet.LoginRequestServlet.processRequest(): Using 'Kerberos' authentication. Request will be routed to: 'login'
    18-10-19 10:15:30.141 [43-exec-24] DEBUG .b.r.c.a.e.k.KerberosAuthentication.authenticate(): SPNEGOToken was not found. Requesting Negotiation ...

    Nothing happens after this.



    Defect DRSMX-23317 Fallback from Kerberos in chain is broken in IE


    There is a hotfix for 19.05 and 19.08, contact BMC support.

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