Remedy - Server - AR upgrade to 1908 failing on linux server with error "arserver.installer.preupgrade.descriptionFailed to run Database Upgrade Utility"

Version 17
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR 19.08 (9.1.08), Linux Environment only


    AR Server upgrade to 19.08 on linux server failing with following error in arsystem_install_log.txt:


    (Sep 05 2019 04:47:22.350 PM +0000),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.platforms.arsystemservers.arserver.ARServerPriorToServerJDatabaseUpgradeTask, LOG EVENT {Description=[arserver.installer.preupgrade.descriptionFailed to run Database Upgrade Utility]} (Sep 05 2019 04:47:22.350 PM +0000),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationStateHelper, LOG EVENT {Description=[AR System Server failed],Detail=[featureARServer]} (Sep 05 2019 04:47:23.342 PM +0000),WARNING,com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.task.ARSuiteKitPostInstallTask, LOG EVENT {Description=[Failed to executed Add Indexes on Columns BTable Server Utilitiy com.bmc.arsys.artools.ARToolsException: Unable to connect to source server]} Thu Sep 05 16:47:23 GMT 2019 BMC AR System rollback started 



    Defect ID : SW00563701 Failed to read schema document ''



    As Database Upgrade Utility Failed, review the 'upgradeutils.log' located under ..opt\bmc\ARSystem\db directory.

    The following error is displayed:
    [WARN] [2019-09-05 19:16:08,718] Ignored XML validation warning 
    org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: schema_reference.4: Failed to read schema document '', because
    1) could not find the document;
    2) the document could not be read;
    3) the root element of the document is not <xsd:schema>. 

    The issue is with the 3rd party binary which Remedy installer is failing to read or locate.

    Perform the following steps to resolve this error and proceed with the Upgrade:
    1- Download the installer.
    2- Extract the zip file.
    3- Download zip file to the server from:  Download the file.

    4- Go to where you downloaded and extracted the installer.  In the  'ARSuiteKit\Disk2\files' directory replace the file provided from the FTP site.
    5- Give required permissions 'chmod 755'.
    6- Run the the upgrade.


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