Does BMC support Enhanced HOLDDATA?

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    Common Install - z/OS


    Most BMC MainView, Db2 and IMS products


    Does BMC support Enhanced HOLDDATA?


    BMC supports Enhanced HOLDDATA, which is a single source of ERROR-type ++HOLDs. The BMC implementation of Enhanced HOLDDATA uses the same published format as the IBM Enhanced HOLDDATA  For more information about IBM Enhanced HOLDDATA, see

    You can use Enhanced HOLDDATA for the following purposes:

    • To ensure that you do not install PTFs or FMIDs with PTF-in-error (PE) or High Impact or Pervasive (HIPER) conditions

    • To monitor critical maintenance and conditions that affect your SMP/E environments


    With Enhanced HOLDDATA, you can use the Exception SYSMOD report to detect critical conditions known to BMC, their relative severity, and how to fix them.


    The BMC implementation of Enhanced HOLDDATA provides the following benefits:

    • BMC provides the Enhanced HOLDDATA for all BMC products in a single file.

    • BMC updates the Enhanced HOLDDATA daily.

    • BMC makes the data available for download for up to the previous three years.

    • Data includes ERROR-type ++HOLDs, such as PE, HIPER conditions, and fix categories (FIXCAT), for more information see

    • You can download individual Enhanced ++HOLDs with maintenance from eFix PTF Distribution Services (eFix).

    • If a ++HOLD is rescinded, BMC includes ++RELEASE statements.

    • The smart data in the comment field indicates whether an error has occurred and provides the associated PTF number.

    • If you have file transfer and job scheduling capability, you can automate retrieving updated data and generating reports.

    • The Exception SYSMOD report summarizes missing critical service and the correcting PTFs that have not been applied.




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