How do I obtain Enhanced HOLDDATA from BMC?

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    Common Install - z/OS


    Most BMC MainView, Db2 and IMS products


    How do I obtain Enhanced HOLDDATA from BMC?  


    Enhanced HOLDDATA is used for the following purposes:

    • To ensure that you do not install PTFs or FMIDs with PTF-in-error (PE) or High Impact or Pervasive (HIPER) conditions
    • To monitor critical maintenance and conditions that affect your SMP/E environments
    The BMC Enhanced HOLDDATA files are located in the directory. BMC provides the Enhanced HOLDDATA in plain text (.txt) and binary compressed (.bin) formats and they are available covering Month (30 days), Quarter (90 days), Year (365 days), Full (730 days) or Yrs3 (3 years) periods. For full details on the formats, please refer to the table at:  

    You can download Enhanced HOLDDATA by using any of the following methods:

    • Use a web browser
    • Use the FTP command line
    • Use an FTP batch file. A sample Batch FTP job to retrieve Enhanced HOLDDATA from BMC is included in the member SampleFTP.txt in the directory.
    • BMC Internet Service Retrieval (ISR)
    For further details on each of these methods, please see 'Downloading Enhanced HOLDDATA at :  



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