Can I issue IMS commands in MainView for IMS online?

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    MainView for IMS Online


    Can I issue IMS commands in MainView for IMS online?



    MainView for IMS will accept IMS commands, you can issue IMS Type 1 and Type 2 commands when using the IMS Commands dialog. 

    You can use the Issue IMS Commands section found on the IMS EZ menus to submit commands. 

    When submitting IMS commands it is important to note the following:

    Type-1 commands must be preceded by a / (slash).


    The IMSCMDS command is not valid in SSI mode.

    After you submit IMS commands you can see the results in the following places:  

    Results from Type-2 commands are displayed in the Response area in the bottom of the dialog.  

    Results from Type-1 commands are logged in the PAS journal. You can use the LOGJRNL or LOGMSG views to look at responses as long as the PAS journal messages are being routed to the MVI Logger.


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