"Deploy Failed Security certificate not found on the Integration Service" error on the TSPS server after attempting to deploy Windows and Unix Agent packages

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    TrueSight Presentation Server


    TSPS Central Monitoring Administration


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    Deployment packaged failed to deploy from TSPS, deployments failed for both Linux and Windows agents.

    Error message: Deploy Failed
    Security certificate not found on the Integration Service

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    This indicates an issue with the Integration Server secure certificates. If you feel you have already applied the certificates, re-apply them. This is an indicator that something has gone wrong with the installation.

    Below is reference link for applying TSPS certificate on IS for version 11.3.x

    Once the secure certificates are re-applied, retry the deployment and it will most likely succeed.

    If the deployment continues to fail, please enable debug for the CMA:
    Turn on the following loggers from the TSPS command line:

    tssh logger debug on -n com.bmc.bpm.patrol.deploykm
    tssh logger debug on -n com.bmc.bpm.patrol.kmpush
    tssh logger debug on -n CMA

    Do the package push.
    Capture the following logs as soon as the package fails:

    1. CMA.log
    2. TrueSightCMAKmPush.log

    Then once the logs are captured you can turn off the debug by switching the "on" option to "off" via the TSPS command line:

    tssh logger debug off -n com.bmc.bpm.patrol.deploykm
    tssh logger debug off -n com.bmc.bpm.patrol.kmpush
    tssh logger debug off -n CMA

    Send the logs to BMC Support for further review.

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