How to troubleshoot SBE Integration issues with Smart IT?

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    Problem Summary #  What troubleshooting steps needs to be taken if the catalog request is not shown in Smart IT.



    Step 1: Make sure the enablesbeItegration is set to true
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    step 2: Make sure the DWP Catalog is configured within CCS 

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    Step 3: Make sure the entry for SBEUtil plugin exists in ar.cfg and pluginsvr_config.xml

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    step 4: Access form SBE:ConnectionConfig and confirm if you able to successfully connect to DWP Catalog server. You can verify the arjavaplugin.log

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    Note: Refer section - 

    To generate logs for the integration with BMC Digital Workplace requests 

    Once you confirm the connection is fine but you still not able to search the catalog request in Smart IT.  

    step 5:  open Browser Developer Tool and check whether you noted any error like ServiceNotSupportedException for call.  Login to Smart IT Console as AR Administrator and access Admin console Configuration 

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    If you do not see above within Smart IT Admin console, you were missing the entries in Smart IT System Schema for SB Pluggable provider. Please make sure the below records exists in Tenant and tenant_Provider table 
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    In one such case, above record was missing from customer db. We recreated it as below 

     INSERT INTO [SmartIT].[SmartIT_System_SmartIT].[TENANT_PROVIDER] 
     VALUES ( 1, NEWID(), 'itsm-sbe', 31, 1) 

    Note:  Value 31 (PK) – is specific to environment so it will change based on each env. You can use the next ID available instead of tenant_provider table.

    After insertion of above record, we restarted Smart IT and was able to see it populated in Smart IT Admin console.  

    At this point, we were able to resolve the issue and successfully search DWP Catalog requests from Smart IT as below 

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    In Short, the logs that helped us narrowed down the issue are as below 

    1. arjavaplugin.log - to confirm whether sbeutil plugin get loaded. 
    2. Browser Developer tool logs accessing Smart IT - This helped us narrow down the call that is failing and point us toward the direction of the provider. 
    3. Smartit.log - This helped us finding out the root cause generating an error. 



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