TrueSight Orchestration peer installed in containers does not run on the correct port

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    TrueSight Orchestration Platform


    TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.2.xx


    A new BMC TrueSight Orchestration (TSO) peer installed as a Docker image does not start on the correct port. According to the logs the peer starts without error, but Grid Manager is available on an incorrect port. For example, a peer installed on port 38080 would normally publish Grid Manager at this URL:

    Instead, it publishes Grid Manager on a different port: 



    Recent versions of Docker use a newer version of Traefik that does not accept configurations for older versions. TSO only has an older configuration, so it cannot start the load balancer component that would let it publish to the correct port.


    Use the new port to access Grid Manager. This port is fully-functional and does not impact peer performance. All other ports, including the communications port, work as expected.

    BMC is targeting a solution for BMC TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.3.

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