Footprints will not update tickets via e-mail

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    Footprints 11.x



    By default, some issues are not able to be edited via email. Customers will attempt to update an existing email and get back the following in the body of an email from Footprints Service Core:




    ISSUE=19 PROJ=1




    Footprints Administrators will find a corresponding warning in Administration-> System-> Logs:




    Time: 2013/09/23 17:12:24


    Type: Warning




    Workspace: Workspace (1) eblake@mail.local 19 1 Workspace




    For your reference, here is the beginning of the email message:




    From: "Eddy" <eblake@mail.local>


    To: "Manhattan" <manhattan@mail.local>


    Subject: ISSUE=19 proj=1


    Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 17:12:15 -0400


    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;






    This is a multi-part message in MIME format.






    Content-Type: text/plain;




    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable




    Test Update




    Content-Type: text/html;




    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable




    Check to see if the following conditions apply to your environment:

    • The maximum issue number is above 10,000
    • The issue number being updated is a lower order of magnitude than the maximum issue number. For example, 100,000 is the maximum issue number. Any issue number 99,999 and below would be a lower order of magnitude.
    • The issue being updated via email has not been updated in over 2 months



    The Footprints System Administrator can enable Email Debugging by going to Administration-> System-> Debug Manager: Enable Email Debugging. If this is enabled then you should find the following message in the debug:




    This entry has not been edited in 2 months and the entry number looks like it has been truncated.  Sending error mail to submitter and writing a warning to the system error log!


      last edit date: 2013-01-01


      DateDiff arg: "2013/01/01 0:0:0"


      time difference (seconds): 16039337




    If the above is true then Footprints is truncating the issue number.




    We can disable this by modifying the footprints\cgi\MRlocalDefs file.


    Insert the following file towards the bottom of the file, but preserving the last line which has to be "1;""






    Adding this variable will disable the check and allow those old issue to be updated.


    To add this variable:

    1) Make a backup of the footprints\cgi\MRlocalDefs file


    2) Open the footprints\cgi\MRlocalDefs file (using Wordpad, Notepad, any other text editor)


    3) Edit the footprints\cgi\MRlocalDefs file by adding the above referenced variable(s), making sure it is above the very last line of the file which must always be 1;


    4) Save the file - making sure there is no file extension


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