How to set Default Current Date in Track-It! Reports

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    Track-It! 2019 R3


    All Track-It! Web versions


    How can I set a report parameter to default to today's date?


    Go To Preview Parameters Panel

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    Click the   Edit button   User-added image to expand the properties list. 
    Set this property to   Static list to manually fill the list of parameter values 
    In   Field String property set as below:  
      Your configuration should look as below: 
      User-added image
    After above steps need to invoke Filter Editor at report level and construct an expression where a data filed is compared with the created parameters. To add a parameter to an expression, expand the drop-down menu for a value placeholder and select the Parameter item. 
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      User-added image
      Click    Save to exit the    Filter Editor 
    The parameterized report is now ready.  
    Switch the report to the    Preview mode and in the Preview Parameters Panel, define the required values and click    Submit 
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