Is there a way to increase timeouts on Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agents to get more Truelogs?

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    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter


    TEA Agent - 11.3.02 or higher Borland Silk Performer - 19.5 or higher


    The Borland Silk Performer Synthetic script is timing out on the Synthetic TEA Agent


    Each Borland Silk Performer script will contain multiple functions.  The Synthetic TEA Agent monitors each function and will force the script to timeout if any function does not return in a defined period of time (This feature is different from the Execution Plan timeout).  This allows the TEA Agent time to attempt to force a graceful stop and generate a Truelog so that users can better determine why the script is timing out. 

    In some cases, the timeout that is defined in the TEA Agent may not be long enough and may result in false timeouts in the Truelog. 

    Below are steps to increase the timeout value on the TEA Agent.  Please keep in mind that this change is global to the TEA Agent and will affect all scripts running on the modified agent:

    1.  On the TEA Agent server, locate this file:

    2.  Edit the file and locate the following lines:
      <!--Number of seconds to wait when attempting to stop a running Silk Script on Timeout-->

    3.  Change the 10 to a 20 (or higher).  This will increase the amount of time the TEA Agent waits before forcing a timeout.

    4.  Restart the TEA Agent.

    NOTE:  There are some cases where the TEA Agent may not be able to stop the script and may not be able to generate a Truelog.  In this scenario, the system will return an Execution error with a Timeout message.

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