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    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management  - Synthetic as of November 15th 2019.


    The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trending knowledge articles.


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    Article #

    000109964Can Silk Performer monitor Web Services? ANSWER: Yes
    000128764EUEM - BMC End User Experience User Monitoring - Software Edition AMIGO program
    000137662Synthetic - Script using WebSetUserAuthNtlm() fails with HTTP: 401 after initial run on TEA Agent
    000104056TrueSight Synthetic - Browser-Driven Script runs successfully in Silk Performer but fails in TEA Agent - Data to gather
    000050782TrueSight Synthetic - Is there a "Run Now" functionality?
    000132159App Visibility - How to confirm/verify that an App Visibility event was sent to TSIM or a remote cell?
    000129716BrowserNavigate(BrowserEngine: 3 - Navigation failed) Runs in Silk Performer, fails in TrueSight ANSWER: ThinkTime(4.1)
    000065805EUEM / TRUESIGHT Diffie Hellman keys and EUEM TrueSight
    000105559TrueSight Synthetic - "UI element not found" - How to get TrueLogs from TEAAgent
    000135949EUEM - After Fresh Installation, Cloud Probe is not capturing Traffic
    000031717How do I set up Remote Syslog in my Analyzer/Collector/PAE/APM console/Aggregation Server for Extended Diagnostics?
    000105589TEA Agent Must Run as a Process for Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) Projects
    000124345TS-Synthetic - Best Practices to record a Citrix script
    000129349App Visibility - When is a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate required on the App Visibility Proxy 10.5.00? And how is the CA certificate implemented?
    000106202TrueSight Synthetic - version compatibility matrix
    000052310EUEM / TrueSight Traffic being fed from Gigamon too much
    000128026TrueSight AppVis - A more comprehensive explanation of what applications can be monitored with the .Net and java App Vis agents
    000070379TEAAgent transaction_result.txt: BrowserStart(BrowserEngine: 69 - The agent is running under the system account, which is not recommended. For details, refer to the help topic 'Browser-Driven Virtual Users on Remote Agents'.)
    000076706EUEM Collector or Real User Monitor virtual appliance installed on Hyper-V host will not support promiscuous mode.
    000100191App visibility agent unable to perform handshake with the Portal
    000148455App Visibility ? What are the differences between the APM_Event, APM_Event_v2, APM-INCIDENT_EV, and APP-IMPACT_EV event classes?
    000123785EUEM - Geolocation dashlets not showing captured data
    000104831TrueSight Synthetic Need reports from synthetic monitoring including performance, availability, accuracy, and execution errors
    000135561TrueSight Synthetic: Is URL in the event so I can extract it?
    000136117CitrixEngine: 6 - Connect failed, Could not get session interface (0,0) ANSWER: Avoid Citrix Receiver 4.4