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Version 12
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    Below are the top knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management  - Application Visibility Manger as of May 15th 2020.


    The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trending knowledge articles.


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    Article #

    000273288TEAAgent transaction_result.txt: BrowserStart(BrowserEngine: 69 - The agent is running under the system account, which is not recommended. For details, refer to the help topic 'Browser-Driven Virtual Users on Remote Agents'.)
    000276689App Visibility - Backup and Restoration of Truesight App Visibility Manager to another host
    000284616Application Visibility - Troubleshooting certificates for App Visibility Agent for .NET
    000227870TS Synthetic - TEA Agent Must Run as a Process for Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) Projects
    000315089TrueSight Synthetic - Browser-Driven Script runs successfully in Silk Performer but fails in TEA Agent - Data to gather
    000346947Can Silk Performer monitor Web Services? ANSWER: Yes INCLUDES VIDEO
    000337688TS Synthetic - TEA Agent Timeout Execution Errors
    000284747App Visibility - How to move the App Visibility Portal from one TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) to another TSPS?
    000343838App Visibility -App Visibility Agent for Java support JBoss EAP version 5.1 or 5.2 orEAP 7
    000329153TS Synthetic - BrowserNavigate(BrowserEngine: 3 - Navigation failed) Runs in Borland Silk Performer, Fails in TrueSight Presentation Server
    000206008App Visibility - How can the App Visibility Proxy 10.5.00 be installed in HA mode?
    000228000How to increase the PostGreSQL database Maximum Data Storage parameter for App Visibility Server?
    000319176BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found ) reported in TrueSight Synthetic Monitoring
    000351099AppVisibility Portal / TSPS / Atrium SSO with external LDAP integration issue
    000233543App Visibility - App Visibility events are not closed when they are manually closed in the Truesight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) console
    000313255TS Synthetic - What reports are available for synthetic monitoring that include performance, availability, accuracy, and execution errors?
    000120585App Visibility - Can one TrueSight Presentation Server(TSPS) connect to multiple App Visibility Manager Portals? And can multiple TSPS servers connect to one Portal?
    000344052TrueSight Synthetic - Execution Log Not Available Execution Log file not found ANSWER: Logs are too old
    000136117CitrixEngine: 6 - Connect failed, Could not get session interface (0,0) ANSWER: Avoid Citrix Receiver 4.4
    000213196Best practices for configuring TrueSight Synthetic systems to run Borland SilkTest scripts on a Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA)  Agent
    000340824TrueSight Synthetic - Getting "Execution Errors ( 1 ) LoadtestController: 3309 "
    000215540App Visibility - What are App Visibility health events and their settings?
    000221728Why are Synthetic applications missing in the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) console?
    000221707TS Synthetic - How to start the Synthetic TEA Agent as a Windows process without having an active desktop session?
    000353107PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) is not discovering any business transactions under the application instances in TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.01 or later