Monitoring REST API (JSON) services

Version 1
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    Hi everyone,


    Here is a nice custom KM for monitoring REST API JSON services.

    REST API is a very flexible environment without much standard for modeling of data.


    Yes its sometimes useful to have monitoring is makes sure a certain  service is up and running and specific operations are responding properly and fast enough.

    so I created a KM that execute commands for this.

    e.g. I want to monitor that TSPS is capable of providing a list of devices it has.
    Maybe run requests on social network systems.

    the KM allow for frequent renewal of apiKey (aka authToken).
    a given service is queries with 1 or more request and each such request is monitored for P&A.

    for each one the KM monitor:

    status (based on HTTP status)

    response time in milliseconds

    size of returned response in KB

    and a text parameter showing the actual response.


    if you want to know more about it, then let me know.

    it's basically designed to run on Linux.