RSSO - DWP user not redirected back to dwp after session timeout

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    RSSO 19.08


    The customer logs into DWP and then in a new browser tab SmartIT.
    They wait for the DWP session to time out then when the timeout message appears they click sign in.
    After clicking the 'Sign In' link they are redirected to a page  'You are logged out from the application' not back to DWP (the DWP call back url is configured with the dwp url)

    If they only login to DWP with no other applications logged in in different browser tabs, when the session timeout occurs and they click 'Sign In' they are redirected back (via the callback url) to DWP.  Why is there a difference in the behaviour?


    RSSO 19.08 behaviour has been changed when multiple apps are open in the browser.


    For RSSO 19.08 the behaviour with multiple applications in multiple browser tabs was changed so that if one application was timed out it appears as if the user has been logged out of the application.  As there are multiple applications open the users session has not been destroyed so the user can use the browser back button to re-open the application.

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