BSA: RSCD Agent installation failing with "The platform on which you are trying to install or upgrade the product is not supported"[1]

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BladeLogic Server Automation


    Bladelogic Server automation Agent 8.9.03+


    When trying to install the RSCD Agent on a Windows Server machine, which is an officially supported platform, it is failing with the below error:

    "The platform on which you are trying to install or upgrade the product is not supported"

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    If this error message is received on a platform which is not officially supported, this article does not apply. Please check the system requirements to ensure the platform where the agent is being installed is officially supported.


    WMI registry may be corrupted, so the installer is unable to determine the OS version and the agent fails in pre-verification


    This may occur with some Editions of Windows Server such as Web, Data Center, Storage Server, etc.  In that case, add the SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECKS=true argument to the msiexec command for the RSCD install.  The problem in this case is that the various edition names are not being matched as supported platforms.  For example:

    msiexec /i RSCD89-SP2-WIN64.msi SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECKS=true

    Another cause of this problem could be a corrupted WMI registry: 
    To confirm this is the problem, open a cmd prompt as Administrator and run the SystemInfo command. 

    If it returns the "Error: Not Found" message proceed with this article.  

    Next step is to verify the status of WMI registry: 

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    If the WMI registry is reported as "INCONSISTENT" consult with the System Administrator and/or Microsoft for guidance. Once resolved, rerun the TSSA RSCD Agent installer.



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