Sync TAGS data using older versions of Remedy and RemedyForce

Version 2
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    If you want to sync TAGS data for VirtualMachine's and/or for Cloud data, it is supported OOTB with the newer versions of Remedy and Remedyforce, and with the August 2019 TKU or later.


    If your BMC.CORE:BMC_Tags class has these two attributes:  TagName, TagValue,

          and you also have a BMC_RelatedTo relationship,

          then you can sync TAGS data OOTB with the Aug 2019 TKU or greater from Discovery.


    Older versions of Remedy or Remedyforce will display this message in the CMDB Sync Status page:


    Missing Classes:              

    The following classes are not defined in the CMDB, and will therefore be filtered out: BMC_RelatedTo




    If you have an older version of Remedy or Remedyforce, then you can use the Override pattern attached to get the TAGS data into your CMDB.

    The attached Override pattern uses a BMC_Dependency relationship instead of the newer BMC_RelatedTo relationship.


    To use the attached pattern:


    1) Make sure you have the August 2019 TKU or later

    2) In the CMDB, you must add these 2 attributes (as stings) to the BMC_Tags class:



    3) After adding those attributes, then you must restart the Discovery services

    4) Upload the attached pattern (with a new version of the TKU)

    5) Test the pattern by finding a Host or CloudService to sync to the CMDB

         Then, choose Actions->CMDB Sync

    6) Verify that the data shows in BMC_Tags in the CMDB


    There are 2 patterns attached.  One for RemedyForce CMDB, and one for Atrium CMDB.  Use the correct one.