Remedy - D2P - How To Perform Simultaneous Deployment and Rollback

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR, ITSM 19.02 onwards



    From Remedy Version 19.02 onwards, we can Deploy and Rollback D2P packages on all Servers in Server Group simultaneously to speed up the deployment process.
    NOTE: We should be careful when using this method as the entire server group might go down when arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat is executed and AR Servers are restarting.
    In such case it’s a good practice to not include Administrator Server as part of simultaneously deployment or rollback.

    Steps to perform simultaneously Deployment and Rollback
    Steps to perform Simultaneous Deployment and Rollback are same. When rolling back, we need to start the order from last package deployed.

    1 - Login to the Server using Load Balancer or Individual Server URL. 
    From the IT Home page, select Applications > AR System Administration > AR System Deployment Management Console

    2 - Import the D2P package:

    User-added image

    3 - Before we select ‘Deploy’,
            - Open AR System Monitor Form
            - Search all records in this form and sort by Monitor Type
            - Add same Rank Number for similar Monitor Type e.g. ARServer, Midtier etc.

              User-added image

    4 - Select ‘Deploy’.

    5 - View the package and select the ‘Deployment Payload’ type entry. It’s status will be ‘Pending Deploy’.

    6 - Select ‘View Payload Status’.

    7 - On the AR System Single Point Deployment Status form, we will see all available Servers with ‘Waiting For Utility Run’ status and will have same Ranking:

            User-added image

    8 - Open a Command Line as Administrator and run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat located under ARSystem directory on all the Servers simultaneously:

             User-added image

    9.VIEW Payload once Deployment or Rollback is finished on all Servers to confirm any failure.

    NOTE: It is not necessary to wait for the each host status to change to ‘Deployment Success’ or ‘Rollback Success’ before running arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat
    It is require to run this .bat on all server simultaneously.

    Additional Details:
    From Remedy Version 19.02, we have D2P package Rollback Criteria option. Review more details on this setting before DEPLOYING package.
    Knowledge Article: 000168690

    KA and Document Link:

    Remedy - D2P - Walk through on Deployment Payload Form Properties and Configuration (Includes Video):



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