How to configure and use remote control using BMC Client Management in Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2

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    Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2


    This article explains how to configure and use remote control in Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2 using BMC Client Managenent



    Prerequisites for using BMC Client Management with Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2




    You can use BMC's BMC Client Management (BCM) product only for the remote control operation of Track-It!


    As a prerequisite for using BCM with Track-It! 11.x, complete the following steps:

    1. Install Track-It! 2019.
    3. Add the agent credentials
    5. Set up discovery and audit using BCM in Track-It! 2019.
    7. Make sure that all the assets that are discovered have the BCM agent rolled out for auto-discovering them. To do this:     
      • In Track-It! 2019, from the dashboard, select Configuration > Asset Management > Agent Configuration.
      • Select the Automatically install agents on discovered devices check box.
      • Click Save.
    9. Select Configuration > Asset Management > Network Discovery and discover the assets that you want to control using remote desktop from Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2.

    Configuring Remote Control Using BMC Client Management


    To configure remote control access to a user's computer using BMC Client Management (BCM), specify the BCM server settings that the Track-It! server will use.


    To configure remote control:

    1. From the main menu bar, select Tools > Administration Console > Administration > Remote Control Configuration.

    3. In the BCM Server Name field, enter the name of the BCM server that will be used for the remote control operation. If you have installed BCM on the same computer as your Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2 installation, it is the local computer name.

    5. In the Port Number field, enter the port number that the BCM server will use. By default the server uses 1611.

    7. Select the Use SSL check box.

    9. In the User Name field, enter the user name. This user must have administrative access on BCM. By default, the user name is Track-It!.

    11. In the Password field, enter the password for this user.

    13. Click Apply and then Okay to save these configuration settings and close the dialog.






    A Remote Control button is available from the toolbar to use the remote control, which you can add to the customized toolbar. For the procedure to add the option to the customized tool bar, see Customizing Toolbars and Creating Toolbar Buttons.



    Taking Remote Control of a User's Computer Using BMC Client Management


    You can diagnose and resolve a user's problem from a remote location from the Remote Control button on the Inventory module tasks pane or from a Work Order with an assigned computer in the Help Desk module. During a remote control session, a technician can do anything (in real-time) at the remote computer that the user can do.  


    Note: The Remote Control operation uses BMC Client Management (BCM) to take remote control of an asset.




    Important Notes:




    Using BMC Track-It! Remote, technicians can:

    • Control Windows client computers

    • Execute programs

    • Chat with users

    • Transfer files to and from remote computers

    • Configure the remote control window


    To Take Control of a User's Computer from the Inventory Module

    1. Select the user's computer on the Inventory grid of the Inventory module.

    3. Select an asset from the inventory grid, and right-click to select Remote Control. You can also open the inventory record and click Remote Control from the toolbar to take remote control of the user's computer.


    The user's screen displays on your monitor in a new tab of the default browser.


    To Take Control of a User's Computer from the Help Desk Module

    1. From the Help Desk module grid on the right-side pane, select the required Work Order, say, based on the ticket summary displayed in the grid.

    3. From the Work Order in the Help Desk module, make sure that the computer displays in the Asset field.

    5. Click Remote Control from the toolbar.


    The user's screen displays on your monitor in a new tab of the default browser.




    For using the Take Control operation using Netop Remote Control, see Taking Remote Control of a User's Computer Using Netop.


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