BMC Helix: The future of IT Service and Operations

Version 11
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    Beginning October 2019, BMC Helix is transforming into the industry's first and only end-to-end ITSM + ITOM platform powered by AI/ML. BMC Helix will provide a fully integrated platform that allows customers to discover, monitor, service, remediate and optimize their entire IT estate across data center and cloud.


    BMC Helix will include:

    • BMC Helix Digital Workplace: Provides omni-channel conversational experiences for end users beyond web to Slackbot, Chatbot, SMSbot, and Skypebot.
    • BMC Helix Chatbot: Resolve issues using Natural Language leveraging Conversational AI
    • BMC Helix Discovery: Helps businesses discover assets and services across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.
    • BMC Helix Monitor: Application- and service-centric performance monitoring powered by behavioral learning algorithms
    • BMC Helix Service: Delivers predictive service management through auto-classification, assignment, and routing of incidents; includes embedded multi-cloud capabilities to broker incidents, changes, and releases across cloud providers.
    • BMC Helix Remediate: Automated patch, change, compliance and vulnerability management with full orchestration and ITSM integration supporting documentation and audit.
    • BMC Helix Optimize: Automated data center and cloud discovery and cost optimization, with machine learning predictive modeling for usage, cost and migration.
    • BMC Helix Business Workflows: Enables extension beyond IT to lines of business like HR, facilities, and procurement.
    • BMC Helix Platform: Offers a cloud-native microservices-based platform that helps companies extend, customize, and integrate through REST APIs.


    Below is a matrix outlining which solutions align to which Helix modules and their components.


    Marketing NameSolution NamesComponentsAdd-on license?Replaces legacy solutions
    BMC Helix Digital WorkplaceBMC Digital Workplace BasicDigital Workplace BasicMyIT
    BMC Digital Workplace AdvancedDigital Workplace BasicMyIT
    Digital Workplace CatalogNoService Broker
    BMC Helix ChatbotBMC Helix ChatbotChatbotn/a
    BMC Helix DiscoveryBMC Helix DiscoveryDiscoveryADDM
    BMC Helix MonitorNot available yet
    BMC Helix ServiceBMC Helix ITSMITSMRemedy ITSM
    CMDBNoRemedy CMDB
    RSSONoRemedy RSSO
    BMC Helix RemediateBMC Helix AutomationAutomation Console
    Vulnerability ManagementNoSecOps Response
    Server AutomationYesBSA, Bladelogic, TrueSight Server Automation
    BMC Helix Cloud SecurityCloud SecuritySecOps Policy Service
    BMC Helix OptimizeBMC Helix Capacity OptimizationCapacity OptimizationBCO
    BMC Helix Cloud CostCloud Costn/a
    BMC Helix Business WorkflowsBMC Helix Business WorkflowsBusiness WorkflowsHR Case Management
    BMC Helix PlatformBMC Helix PlatformPlatform
    Integration ServicesNo
    Multi-Cloud ManagementYes


    • Links in the first column are to web marketing pages; links in the 2nd and 3rd column are to docs pages
    • The alternating white and peach rows indicate solutions that are distinct (i.e. must be purchased separately). Within those solutions there may be multiple components. Column 4 indicates whether those components require add-on licenses. So for example, Digital Workplace Basic and Digital Workplace Advanced are two different solutions. Advanced includes Catalog as an additional component which doesn't require a separate license/purchase.