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    Last week we held our NYC #bmcexchange. Nayaki Nayyar, BMC's President of Digital Service and Operations, announced the integration of our TrueSight portfolio of ITOM products into BMC Helix.


    Taming the Tech Tsunami:

    Citing the "Tech Tsunami" of Multi-Cloud, Multi-Device, Multi-Channel, DevOps and Bots she noted that Tech is both a driver of change - and the thing being changed. BMC believes these factors are driving a convergence of IT Service and IT Operations and so we are moving to bring the two together in the industry's first ITSM + ITOM platform, powered by AI/ML.


    Converged S and O.jpg

    BMC Helix will provide an end to end platform that allows customers to discover, monitor, service, remediate and optimize their entire IT estate across data center and cloud. BMC is an industry leader in all 5 verticals, with clear differentiation in several of them. In addition to the integration and breadth of capabilities, BMC Helix will undergird the platform with end-to-end business workflows and a common data layer.


    BMC Helix will also provide industry leading customer choice of implementation through a fully orchestrated, containerized architecture that permits consumption on the customer's choice of cloud. Going further, in addition to embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning, BMC Helix will permit customers to 'bring your own' AI with open integrations to technologies like IBM Watson and Google Tensorflow.


    Where We're Headed

    We believe the future of IT is a converged Service and Operations experience powered by AI/ML and that we are uniquely positioned to bring it to the market. BMC customers will be propelled by BMC Helix to transform both their IT and their business, unlocking new value through innovation while maximizing their existing value producing systems.


    This is what we believe. This is how we are innovating to help customers.

    We want to know how the convergence of ITSM and ITOM is affecting your business. Let us know what challenges resonate with you, what opportunities you're excited about, and what benefits you expect to gain in the comments below.