Client Management: The GloballyUniqueID generated after the reinstallation of a device is different than the previous one - The service starts too early

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    An agent was installed and updated at least one identity to the master. Then the OS was reinstalled on the device. Then an agent was reinstalled on the device.
    The device stays red in the console, and when I compared the value of the column "GloballyUniqueID" in the database for this device with the value of the field "GUID=" in its ../client/config/Identity.ini (or ../client/etc/Identity.ini for linux) they are different. 

    This is how I proceed when I deploy the OS to my devices:

      - deploy the image  
    - start the agent  
    - rename the device to its final name 



    Agent must start after the device has its final name.


    The agent generates its GloballyUniqueID (GUID) when it starts and first connect to its relay. If the agent starts before the device has its final name, then the GUID will then be generated in relation with the name of the device at that time, and consecutively generate the wrong GUID for that device.

    1- Scenario
    A little explanation of what happens:

      - Device20 is installed  
    - the agent starts and generates the guid that was built with the hostname Device20. It therefore gets the GUID AGENT_DEVICE20 (it's not a real guid, it's just to explain)  
    - the device is renamed to DeviceSERIALNUMBER 
    The agent will work fine, no issue but still has the guid AGENT_DEVICE20 which does not relate to its actual name 

    The problem will occur when the device (or at least the agent) will be reinstalled. For this exemple we'll consider that we only reinstall the agent: 
    - device is still called DeviceSERIALNUMBER 
    - agent reinstalls and generate the guid again, but the GUID is now generated from the device name DeviceSERIALNUMBER so it gets a different guid: AGENT_DeviceSERIALNUMBER 
    - the agent uploads its identity 
    - the master can't know that the device DeviceSERIALNUMBER with the guid AGENT_DeviceSERIALNUMBER is the same device than the device that has the GUID AGENT_DEVICE20 because its guid was generated from a different hostname 

    Note: it can also happen reverse. 

    2- Solutions 
    There are several solutions to this: 
      Solution 1:  
    Configure the OS Deployment Image so it includes an agent already. The agent must be set so: 
      - the value of the parameter "GUID=" in the file ../config/Identity.ini of the agent installation folder is EMPTY (else it will create duplicate GUIDs)  
    - service is set to "manual" and "do not start" 
    The service should only be restarted and set to "automatic" once the device will have its final name.  
    Solution 2:  
    A script runs at the end of the imaging process, after the device has its final name etc. It will either: 
      1   - execute the rollout pull for the BCM agent that would be included in the image that is being deployed  
    2- download and execute an up to date version of the rollout that would be available on a share somewhere  
    It is extremely important to make sure the installation or the activation and start of the automatic mode for the BCM agent service doesn't trigger before the final name has been set. 
      Solution 2.2 has the advantage to install the latest version of the agent available. Solution 1 and Solution 2.1 have the advantage of the simplicity.  
    More information on how GUIDs are generated in the following KA:    Client Management: How the GUID / GloballyUniqueID is managed in BCM? How do we merge GUIDs?


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