DWP Catalog Services are not visible in DWP

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    MyIT Service Broker


    When user logs into DWP, he is not able to see any service or banners created in DWP Catalog.
    However, SRM SRD and Articles are visible and accessible.


    Either User does not have the required permissions or DWPC integration with DWP is broken.


    Scenario 1:-

    Firstly check if the user having the issue, has required permission in DWP Catalog. (In this case issue would be specific to user )
    >> Login to DWP Catalog AR Server from user tool or Midtier.
    >> Open user form and search for the user having issue.
    >> In case the user does not exist then please run the user sync script in DWP catalog server to fetch user records from ITSM server.
    >> If the record is present User form then , check if the permission "sbe-myit-users" is there.
    If not then please add the same and check for the issue.

    Scenario 2:-
    When DWP catalog is not enabled in DWP (Issue is for all users)
    >> Login to DWP Admin console and navigate to Configuration.
    >> Validate that Enhanced Catalog Feature is enabled. If not then please enable it and check for the issue.

    Scenario 3:- 
    When Integration of DWP Catalog and DWP is Broken (Issue is for all users)
    >> Login to DWP Admin console and navigate to Configuration/ Enhanced Catalog.
    >> Validate that the user details and URL is correct.
    http://DWPC server Name:8008/api/myit-sb/
    >> Click Save and if it saves without any error then issue should be fixed.

    Scenario 4:- 
    When there is an error while saving the details in Scenario 3.
    >> Check that the user with which we are logged in DWP catalog is having a record in DWP catalog or not?
    Scenario 1 needs to be verified for this user.
    >> If the user is present in DWP Catalog server with valid permission then we need to validate the RSSO configuration on DWP Catalog.

    Refer document: 

    >> Also, validate if the agent id is correct or not.
     Once the RSSO integration is validated/fixed for DWP , issue should be fixed.


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