MidTier - Is it supported by iOS and Android browsers?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Midtier 9.x. 18,x, 19.x


    Can midtier be run over a browser in the mobile?


    Midtier is not compatible with current mobile browsers. The reason is that mobile browsers are scaled down versions of the full desktop browsers, some parts like JavaScript are handled different and most of the browser require views that fit in the browser window.

    Midtier is built to be used in full desktop browsers as some parts of workflow such an ActiveLinks can execute actions more complex than the mobile browser can handle.

    You can verify Remedy AR System component in our compatibility matrix for more information on supported browser in Midtier


    If your organization has the need to use  BMC ITSM or Service Request over a mobile phone, BMC offers iOS and Android applications for BMC SmartIT and Digital Workplace, if you look for those components in the link above, minimum Android and iOS versions can be found.

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