Menu added to CMDB class attribute using Atrium class manager does not show from Mid-tier

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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite 8.x



    Added a menu to the attribute "room" of BMC baseelement with the class manager. All forms were accordingly changed - this is visible with Developer.
    But when displaying the field (e.g. on AST:ComputerSystem) with the client no menu button is shown.

    The User Tool displays a menu button on the same form..



    The field property change has not been propagated to child join forms automatically. Defect id SW00487971 is created for it.



    While analysis, found that the problem was around display property.

    - After attaching a menu to CMDb attribute (using Atrium Class Manager), as a work around, we suggested customer creating an overlay on AST join form. 
    - Shifting the field manually on AST form refreshes the display property and start showing the field on the view. 


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