Found multiple matches (instances) for class Error message in Reconciliation Job Log

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    The following Error message was seen in the Recon Job Log:

    <ERROR   > <TID: 0000005904> /* Mon Jul 30 2018 16:57:49.0230 */ Found multiple matches (instances) for class <BMC.CORE:BMC_Application> in look-up dataset <BMC Asset> 
    <ERROR   > <TID: 0000005904> /* Mon Jul 30 2018 16:57:49.0350 */ for qualification <'Name' = 'Name' AND 'Name' != $\NULL$ AND 'SerialNumber' = 'SerialNumber' AND 'SerialNumber' != $\NULL$> of group <NEC Application> with values 

    This was a Custom rule specified by Customer:

    <'Name' = 'Name' AND 'Name' != $\NULL$ AND 'SerialNumber' = 'SerialNumber' AND 'SerialNumber' != $\NULL$>



    The Custom Rule specified was failing to pickup the CI's from the Source dataset.

    Corrected the Rule to following:

    'Name' = $Name$ AND 'Name' != $\NULL$ AND 'SerialNumber' = 'SerialNumber' AND 'SerialNumber' != $\NULL$

    The Errors were no longer seen after running the Recon Job.

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