TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor: Where to find the log files for the Extensible Agent (qpea) and the MQ monitoring extensions (qpmon, qpcfg)?

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    Where can the log files for the Extensible agent (qpea) and the MQ monitoring extensions be found?



    The location of the logs varies, depending on the configuration:


    1.) Default location


    If entirely unconfigured, the logs will reside in the same directory from which the agent (qpea) or the extensions (qpmon, qpcfg) got started. When using the recommended default directory layout, those directories would be:

    • <agent install dir>/agent for qpea
    • <agent install dir>/qpmon for qpmon and qpcfg

    2.) Location dictated by the MQS_HOME environment variable


    If the MQS_HOME environment variable is defined in the environment of the user running the agent and extensions and there no further logging configuration has been performed, the log files will be written to the directory the MQS_HOME environment variable is pointing to.


    3.) Location dictated by the QPLog.ini file


    A QPLog.ini file may exist as described in the documentation. This file can either exist in the directories where the agent and extensions binaries reside (see #1) or in the directory to which the MQS_HOME environment variabe is pointing to. If a QPLog.ini file exists in both places, the one closer to the binaries takes precedence.
    As described in the documentation, the "logDirectory" setting would then specify the location to which the log files reside.


    4.) Example


    A not uncommon scenario could be:

    • Agents and extensions installed in the default directory layout
    • MQS_HOME points to /var/BMM
    • /var/BMM contains a QPLog.ini file in which "logDirectory" is set to /var/BMM/logs


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