Atrium SSO downgrade from ASSO HA Cluster to stand alone ASSO

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    BMC Atrium Single Sign On


    BMC Atrium Single Sign On


    BMC Atrium SSO 9.x


    The customer has decided that they won't use ASSO in high availability cluster mode and need direction on how to run existing ASSO as a single stand alone installation




    Here are the steps confirmed with Development on how to move from HA to stand-alone:

    Option 1:

    1. Shutdown ASSO node 2.
    2. Remove ASSO node 2 from HA section of ASSO Console.
    3. In ASSO Console, point External URL field to ASSO node 1 instead of a Load balancer.
    4. Remove/reinstall, and reconfigure all Integration Agents that are pointing to the Load Balancer to then point to ASSO node 1.
    5. Finished.

    Option 2:

    - Reinstall Atrium SSO

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