Application-Command Reconciliation Trigger not firing recon job

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    BMC AtriumCore CMDB 9.x


    Using the following command process to start a reconciliation job in an Active Link:

    @@:Application-Command Reconciliation Trigger-Job -o "Asset Management – SandBox"

    The command gets executed and creates a record in the Application Pending form.  However,
    Reconciliation job never runs.


    Special character in the Recon Job name


    During troubleshooting the following error was found in arrecond.log when the @@application-command was executed:

    <INFO    > <TID: 0000004688> /* <Date Time> */ Received request run job: BMC Asset Management – SandBox
    <ERROR   > <TID: 0000004688> /* <Date Time> */ Cannot find job <BMC Asset Management – SandBox> definition
    <INFO    > <TID: 0000004688> /* <Date Time> */ Job BMC Asset Management – SandBox is not retrieved and executed successfully. Check job log file for details. ARERR[101010] Cannot find job definition with this name

    Next, we checked Remedy Developer Studio to look at the command being run:

    @@:Application-Command Reconciliation Trigger-Job -o "Asset Management – SandBox"

    Notice that the "dash" after Sandbox is not a -, it's some sort of special character that translates to
    – in the arrecond.log.  So the job name was edited to remove the special character dash and replace
    it with a regular dash.

    @@:Application-Command Reconciliation Trigger-Job -o "Asset Management - SandBox"

    The Asset Management - SandBox Recon job then ran successfully from the active-link.

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