Remedy - Server - Email's Process Slow When Using Content Tempalate

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy 9.1.04+


    Symptom: The outgoing emails are not being sent in a timely fashion.

    How to tell if you're affected by this issue:

    1. Enable Info level Email Engine Logging.
    2. Examine log for entry like below:

    [Thread[AGGAA5V0FV3I8AOTZXJ3OTDRD3GTH1,5,Creator Module]] Content Block is created successfully for Content Tempalate

    3. Examine the log again for the next line

    [Thread[AGGAA5V0FV3I8AOTZXJ3OTDRD3GTH1,5,Creator Module]] Using Mime charset UTF-8 for local charset UTF-8

    These two lines can be correlated by their GUID.  These should be processed extremely quickly as these are processed locally on the server.  When customers tend to have issues this is taking greater than .5 seconds.  Typical systems are within milliseconds.


    The System is unable to process the templates quickly.


    Check the system for high CPU, Memory, and Disk IO usage.  If usage is high on any one of the components or if available disk space is low, these will need to be remediated with a System Admin's help.

    Additionally, please check our Tips to improve Email Engine performance guide.

    If you've confirmed that CPU usage, Memory usage, and Disk IO are within normal operations, please restart the Email Engine.

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