How to create a Service Request through REST API

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    How to create a Service Request through REST API



    First you need to configure the jetty server correctly on your ARServer and generate a AR-JWT token for the login account. Please consult the article linked below.

    AR Server REST API architecture and overview - Start here

    Using POST action to generate new entry based on "SRM:RequestInterface_Create" the url would be:

    Content-Type: application/json
    Authorization:AR-JWT {{token}}

    Following fields are required, they are set on the body: 

        "values": {
            "z1D Action": "CREATE",
            "Source Keyword": "IM",
            "TitleInstanceID": "SR005056B551A03T5GSw6d6ccAIn4E",
            "First Name": "Allen",
            "Last Name": "Allbrook",
            "Customer First Name": "Bob",
            "Customer Last Name": "Baxter",
            "OfferingTitle": "REST API TEST SRM Request 1",
            "Short Description": "REST API TEST SRM Request 1",
            "Status": "Submitted",
            "Company": "Calbro Services",
            "Customer Company": "Calbro Services",
            "Location Company": "Calbro Services"

    For the Source Keyword field find below the possible values:

    The Source Keyword field on SRM:Request form has following values.

    1)If SR is created from Incident Management, it wil have value as Source Keyword = IM
    2)If SR is created from WorkOrder Management, it will have value as Source Keyword = WO
    3)If SR is created from Change Management, it will have value as Source Keyword = CM
    4)If SR is created from MyIT, it will have value as Source Keyword = MyIT
    5)If SR is submitted from SRM Request Entry console, Source Keyword will be blank.

    For the TitleInstanceID field:

    This value is the Instance ID on the SRD you would like to create the request. You need to go to the form SRD%3AServiceRequestDefinition_Base then look for the SRD you want and open the record, copy the InstanceID and use that value:

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    An example of how it would look in postman is attached. 


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