Remedy Smart Reporting - Missing fields and empty views

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    All versions of Smart Reporting


    If Smart Reporting becomes disconnected from the data source during editing/cloning of a view, or while editing a report, an issue may appear in the form of views that present incomplete lists of fields in step 2 of the view builder and in reports. Since Yellowfin did not receive the complete result set, it concluded that the columns were no longer in the tables, and marked them as ‘DISCONNECTED’ in its configuration database. This is the same behavior that we would see if a table’s structure was actually altered, and a column was removed, for example. This issue will also often result in reports and dashboards that are unable to run.


    Most common cause are network issues



    To fix this, some queries will have to be run directly against Smart Reporting configuration database. This is something that should only be done by your Database Administrator, as running malformed queries can severely damage your Yellowfin instance. 


    Step 1:    Shut down Yellowfin


    Step 2:    Make sure that there is a recent backup of the Yellowfin configuration database available


    Step 3:    Run the following query against the Yellowfin Configuration Database to confirm that there is a count of fields marked as                'DISCONNECTED'

    SELECT a.ViewId,a.ViewDescription, b.ViewDescription, c.statusCode, COUNT(c.columnName)
    FROM ReportView a
    INNER JOIN ReportView b ON (a.viewId = b.parentviewId OR a.viewID = b.viewId)
    LEFT OUTER JOIN ReportFieldTemplate c ON (b.viewId = c.viewId)
    WHERE c.statusCode = 'DISCONNECTED'
    GROUP BY a.ViewId,a.ViewDescription, b.ViewDescription, c.statusCode ORDER BY 1




    Step 4: Cross reference the reportview table to learn what ViewID belongs to the named view that is experiencing issues


    Step 5: Run the following query while replacing ***** with the ViewID from Step 4.

    UPDATE ReportFieldTemplate SET StatusCode = 'OPEN'
    WHERE (ViewId = '*****' Or ViewId IN (SELECT ViewId FROM ReportView WHERE ParentViewId = '*****') ) AND StatusCode =            ‘DISCONNECTED’


    Step 6: Restart Smart Reporting and verify that the views and reports are behaving as expected.

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