TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor : Running dbschema_sync after an upgrade throws error as Error reading configuration file 'dbschema_sync.conf'

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    By issuing dbschema_sync command ran into "Error reading configuration file 'dbschema_sync.conf'".


    Below logs are seen usually when the command is issued from the different/wrong directory.

    (Time:2019-10-02 13:36:42.434190, Category=com.mqsoftware.Main, File=QP_Log.cpp, Line=250, Process=126732, Thread=140672346437440, Session=, Level=LM_NOTICE) Opened this output file dbschema_sync.1.log, ofstream_=0x1be2880 (Time:2019-10-02 13:36:42.434262, Category=com.mqsoftware.GenericToolCode.QP_Service_Client_Tool, File=../GenericToolCode/QP_Service_Client_Tool.h, Line=157, Process=126732, Thread=140672346437440, Session=, Level=LM_ERROR) Error reading configuration file 'dbschema_sync.conf'.
    - Check the directory/path, make sure to run the utility from TMTM installation directory. (this is the place where utility is present) 
    - If the directory is correct and still facing same issues, collect recent do_support logs, dbschema_sync.conf file and contact BMC Support. 


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