Seeing errors with ARSystem CMDB Dispatcher, arplugin process, arrecond and other C binary processes with encryption turned on FIPS option selected (fips.c error)

Version 42
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    AR System Server 9.1.04, 18.05, and 18.08


    When installing Remedy Encryption Premium Security on a Windows platform there is a known issue with C based processes.  This includes:

    Native Plugin Server
    AR Dispatcher
    CMDB Dispatcher
    Reconciliation Engine
    SLM BR Service
    SLM Collector Service

    You can confirm this error if you run the process from the command line (use the same command found in armonitor.cfg).  You'll see the following error:
    .\fips\fips.c (146) OpenSSL internal error, assertion failed: FATAL FIPS SELFTEST Failure 

    You can also confirm this by looking in the armontior.log file and seeing the following log:
    The specified public key encryption algorithm is not supported by the encryption library ARERR - 9006



    When the C servers start the correct encryption libraries are not present on the system.


    See the attached .zip files for your version and replace the .dll files in the following directory only AFTER making a full backup of your system:
    <Install Path>\ARSystem\
    <Install Path>\AtriumCore\cmdb\server64\bin\
    <Install Path>\BMCServiceLevelManagement\bin\

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