Control-M for z/OS: Smart Table remains in Requested Free status after ordering[1]

Version 2
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    Control-M for z/OS


    Control-M for z/OS


    version 9


    After an ordering, a Smart Table remains in Requested Free status in spite of CTM Monitor being active. The problem may happen if many small Smart Tables are ordered in parallel.          
    The problem becomes more common after implementing the CTM Installation Parameter MXJINBOR= (Maximum jobs in bulk order) supplied by BM11308 / PG02923 (included in maintenance 9.0.04).


    product defect


    Apply PTF PG03945 (BMC APAR BM11442).
    This PTF is part of maintenance

    CAR00169865  addresses this APAR/CCID.

    Bypass :
    1. The restart of CTM Monitor releases the Smart Tables stuck in Requested Free status.                                     
    2. The probability of the problem occasion may be reduced by the following steps:                                                
    - Reduce the INTERVLM= CTMPARM Installation Parameter              
    - If BM11308 / PG02923 (included in maintenance 9.0.04) is applied, define MXJINBOR=1 in 'ORDERing Parameters' section of CTMPARM.        

    Actions required after applying the PTF:
    Recycle the Control-M monitor.

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