MVJE - How to find server.xml which determines what host address z/OS Connect uses in the BIND

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    MainView for Java Environments


    How to find server.xml which determines what host address z/OS Connect uses in the BIND in MVJE


    The server.xml file determines what host address z/OS Connect uses in the BIND. 

    To find server.xml: 

    When z/OS Connect is started it provides an environmental variable WLP_USER_DIR inside that directory, you should find /servers/”servername”/server.xml <- this is probably an ASCII file. 

    If you view this file you should see a statement like 

    id="operationsHttpEndpoint" host="*" 
    httpPort="-1" httpsPort="8385" />   



    If you only have default and it says host=”*” then it does not bind to a specific ip address/stack. 
    If you only have default and bind to the VIPA stack we need to add an operationsHttpEndpoint that binds to a stack on the local system and use that port for MVJE to communicate with. 

    In MJEINI you need to specify the stack for the local system that will allow the MVJE PAS to connect to the HttpEndpoint on this system. 

    MVJE doesn’t want to allow re-directs because it could provide us with incorrect information.

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