BMC Helix Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter – October 2019 Edition

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    It's October and in this month's issue we have some tips & TRICKS to help you get the most out of your solution and break out of some of those old habits. OR, if you prefer, this issue is packed full of TREATS for your reading pleasure. Speaking of treats, it was such a pleasure to meet our customers at the Tampa User Group Meeting!  Check out the summary of the event.  Meet James Dubcak, our Principal Technical Supp Analyst, and follow him on communities.  Catch up on the October Salesforce Tech update and the Salesforce Winter '20 Sandbox Previews, feature retirements, instance refreshes. Please take a moment to take the Gartner Peer Insights survey and vote up some ideas for functionality improvements.  Enjoy from the entire BMC Helix Remedyforce team!


    Members Spotlight

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    Meet The Champions

    We are spotlighting those awesome members who dedicate their time to help other members of our community. You might have seen them replying to your questions, and sharing wisdom with our customers. We thank them, and we feel it is time the whole community get to know them better! Meet kedar zavar! Read more here: Meet the Champions: Kedar Zavar


    BMC Helix Remedyforce Team Corner

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    James Dubcak is a Principle Support Analyst with 20+ years of experience in IT.  He holds a Bachelors in Management Communications and over the years has obtained a number of certifications from Salesforce, Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Comptia and ITIL.  He maintains the Knowledgebase for BMC Helix Remedyforce and the Remedyforce Support YouTube channel and does Problem Management and analysis for the BMC DSOM Business Unit.  Jim is passionate about helping customers be successful.


    Jim lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area with his wife Julie and their three daughters.  Jim’s free time involves helping their local church, cycling, and hiking.


    We Are Listening

    Customer Solution Contribution

    We need your feedback!



    Please consider evaluating on Gartner Peer Insights and help your peers discover BMC Helix Remedyforce as the best IT service management solution out there. Reviews take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are anonymous.  Write your review here: by October 30, 2019


    Vote it up

    Let's collaborate on Ideas to improve our Product

    Look at ideas that were active recently, vote and comment with your feedback.  Should you not find an idea for new/improved functionality you want, go ahead and create a new idea. Read more here: How To: Create an Idea in Communities


    View my tickets Self Service 3.0 - make it more readable table view, this looks like "email conversation threads" - please give tabular view

    • Current view my activity is confusing users and not user friendly
    • The existing records look like email conversation.
    • Its hard to locate records easily
    • Search is not visible
    • We would like Self service 3.0 design to view records - table format


    Remedyforce Email Notifications


    When the new landmark privacy law - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect on 25th May 2018 we adopted the practice for our Remedyforce contacts in that we reached out to ask you to “opt in” to receive communications from us.  In order to resume getting important Remedyforce emails we need confirmation that you want to be “opted in”.  We highly recommend that our customers receive them.  Below is an example of key information types that you will resume receiving if you opt in; information on Patches, outages, upgrades and important communications such as Sev 1 notifications.

    *Please contact your Business Relationship Manager to request to be opted in to these important emails.

    Marc Harris, Hugo Gracia, Richard Would, Jennifer Schertz, Shin Tominaga, Jules Murray, Mike Leveiller, Tina Vega, Colleen Dunbar, Ryan Montesano, Michelle Wettengel, Heikki Rautalahti, Yogesh Kumar

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    Read Virginia Leandro's October Salesforce tech update to read and about Salesforce Winter '20 is now Live!, feature retirements, instance refreshes and more.  Read more here: Salesforce October 2019 Tech Update


    Read Virginia Leandro's Alert! Delay in Winter ‘20 Turn on Lightning Experience. See who is impacted, what is the change, why it's happening and what action you need to take.Read it here: Update: January 9, 2020: Salesforce Auto-Transition to Lightning Experience


    Read Michelle Wettengel's Blog created to welcome new customers to the BMC Helix Remedyforce experience.  It details a customer's first steps from creating a trial org to provisioning licenses through your first weeks with the product.  She outlines important resources for Administrators such as access to Support, Education & Communities and so much more!  Read more here: Welcome to BMC Helix Remedyforce - Customer Reference Guide


    Upcoming Events



    Please join Ramiro Torres from Remedyforce Support for a live webinar on Octoberer 29, 2019 11:00am EDT.  RSVP Here and add it to your calendar: BMC Helix Remedyforce Webinar Series: Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Experience

    Topic:  BMC Helix Remedyforce Webinar Series: Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Experience.

      • Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Experience.
      • Differences between Salesforce Classic and Lightning.
      • Customizing Record Pages and Home Pages.
      • BMC Helix Remedyforce in Lightning.


    Please join Ben Stanger from AiM Ltd for a Webinar on Remedyforce Shared Services, Wednesday 20th November, at 2pm (GMT +0:00).  RSVP Here and add it to your calendar: Remedyforce Shared Services Webinar - 20/11/19, 2pm (GMT)


    Introduction to Shared Services

    Correct approach

    • Pre-implementation measurements
    • Process capture
    • Defining Target Operation Model
    • Planning ahead
    • Risk Management/Monitoring
    • Cut over

    Remedyforce Configuration

    • Permissions and AccessCreation of Workflow (tasks)
    • Utilizing agreements (SLAs/OLAs)Self Service
    • Correct use of features (i.e. managing broadcast, etc)
    • Questions and Answers


    Event Highlights

    Tampa UG.JPG

    Tampa User Group

    The Tampa User Group was held on October 3rd in Tampa.  We had a strong customer turnout and Remedyforce Partners: RightStar Systems Incorporated, Flycast Partners Incorporated, Oceanforce Solutions and NimbusNow LLC were able to join us.  Michael Gregg from Tupperware Group Corporation and Paul Hoagland from Berry College kicked-off the event.  They presented a User Story covering their specific BMC Helix Remedyforce journey.  Michael Gregg from Tupperware Group Corporation provided a presentation on how far Tupperware has come. Customers really enjoyed seeing and hearing about Tupperware's challenges they overcame to eventually manage a global roll out of Remedyforce.  As well as, Paul Hoagland from Berry College discussed their current roadmap.  Other highlights from the event included an insightful look at the Summer 19 features, a deep dive into CMDB enhancements, a Remedyforce roadmap session and we even introduced customers to the reference program. Customers shared their feedback on desired capabilities and were able to learn from one another.  It’s always exciting to meet customers in person and hear about their product experiences. A big thank you to all who shared their time and feedback with us at this event!


    Other Resources

    Remedyforce Support Videos

    Remedyforce YouTube.JPG

    Remedyforce Support has put together a Youtube Remedyforce Channel that we encourage all of our customers to view and follow. It currently has 60 videos (and growing) that cover such topics as Pentaho, to How to troubleshoot Remedyforce etc.. Please see the list of topics here: BMC Helix Remedyforce YouTube Support Video IndexBMC Helix Remedyforce YouTube Support Video Index



    This document was created to easily find the BMC Helix Remedyforce Episodes of the Podcast Run & Reinvent.  Enjoy our customer's success stories! Listen here: Remedyforce - Run & Reinvent Podcast Episodes


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