Track-It! 2019 reports causing memory leak issues on the application server.

Version 6
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    Track-It! 2019 R3


    Track-It! 2019 R3


    In Track-It! 2019, Any report that is edited/copied and we try to customize it further consumes a certain amount of RAM(memory) on the server.
    After that reports is saved and closed, the consumed memory is not released or recycled by the IIS worker process.



    Dev express bug


    The issue here is that when we include the Ticket data source in a OOB report for instance, we include 2 tables in the report -> Ticket and Ticket Notes. In most cases, the report is showing statistics/data from the Ticket table and does not use the "Ticket Notes" at all.

    The below workaround will be to delete the datasources not used on the report to see faster report execution with minimal memory usage.

    1. Run the attached SQL script against the Track-It! 2019 DB.
    2. Perform an IIS Reset.
    3. Clear Browser Cache.
    4. Login to the Track-It! technician portal as 'Administrator' or an account that has 'System Administrator 'permissions.
    5. Go to the Report Module and Edit the custom report that is causing the performance issue.
    6. Select Datasources from the right-hand side of the editor. Expand Track-It! Datasource.
    7. Delete the 'Ticket Notes' Datasource

    This Workaround needs to be applied to every custom report where there is a performance issue.

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