Remedy - D2P - How To Rollback D2P package in Server Group Environment

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR, ITSM 19.02 onwards





    If an issue occurs during the validation of the package, or if an error occurs while deploying the package, we can restore the objects on our server to the pre-deployment state. 
    BMC does not recommend to rollback a package that was successfully deployed.

    What stage D2P package can Rollback:

    •       D2P packages with Status ‘Deployed
    •       D2P packages which contains ‘Deployment Payload’ Type content has Status ‘Deployed
      Order of Application Package Rollback:
      If we plan to Rollback Application package, the order starts from the last Deployed Package. Order remains same for patch and hotfix.

    1. SLM


    2. SRM


    3. ITSM


    Steps to Rollback D2P Package in Server Group


    1. Login to the Server using Load Balancer or Individual Server URL. From the IT Home page, select Applications > AR System Administration >


    AR System Deployment Management Console


    2. Select Rollback on the package that has Deployed with Error or Deployed status

    •       The State of the package changes from ‘Rolling back’ to ‘Rolled back
    •       If a package contains binary files, the state of the package is shown as ‘Pending Rollback
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    3. View the package and select the ‘Deployment Payload’ entry. It’s status will be ‘Rollback Pending


    4. Select ‘View Payload Status’. On the AR System Single Point Deployment Status form, confirm which Server has Host Status ‘Waiting For Utility Run


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    NOTE: Payload Status will be ‘Pending Rollback’ for Remedy version 18.02 & 18.05
      Payload Status will be ‘Waiting for Utility Run’ from Remedy version 18.08 onwards




    5. Connect to the Server with ‘Waiting For Utility Run’ and run the payload utility ‘arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat


    NOTE: For AR Server, Atrium and ITSM : Run the payload utility located under ..ARSystem directory
      For Midtier : Utility is under ..ARSystem\midtier\filedeployer directory
      For Smart IT : Utility is under ..Smart IT\filedeployer directory


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    6. Repeat Step 5. on Second Server which received signal as 'Waiting For Utility Run' and so on.



    Steps to Cleanup when Rollback fails


    For Packages with status ‘Rollback Failed’:


    Before starting re-deployment of the same package were Rollback failed, we need to perform cleanup from these forms and files:


      1. Delete the D2P package from AR System Deployment Management Console


      2. Search for the Deployment Payload Group Name entries for the failed package in AR System Single Point Deployment Payload form. 


          Delete these entries.


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      If it’s an Application package, SHARE:Application_Properties may get updated. As Rollback failed, the Application Version will not rollback.


      3. Open SHARE:Application_Properties, search for required Application using the name in Property Value. Update the Version back to previous number


      4. Login to the Server Machine through which the package was Imported. If Load-Balancer was used, access the Server which has Rank 1 in AR System Monitor Form.


         Delete the failed D2P package folder located under ..\ARSystem\Arserver\Db\BMC_DEPLOYMENT_PACKAGES directory


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    From Remedy Version 19.02, we have D2P package rollback criteria to avoid accidental rollback.


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    •         We can rollback a package within 48 hours of a successful package deployment
    •         This interval can increase up to 168 hours
    •         This can be configured using ‘D2P-Rollback-Timeout-Interval’ setting which can be added in the Centralized Configuration under component ‘com.bmc.arsys.server.shared’
    •         Post 48 hours we will get error “Rollback Timeline Validation Failed: Rollback is not allowed 48 hours after successful deployment” if this parameter is not set

        For more details, review: Knowledge Article: 000168690


    NOTE: The interval starts on the day of Deployment. So, we need to update this interval before deploying the package. If setting is not added, default interval is 48 hours.


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