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    How can I configure Queue Manager logs in MVMA/TSMA console WMQ connections?


    In order to configure the Queue Manager logs in your MVMA/TSMA console for the available WMQ connections,
    you'd need to access the console with Administrator privileges.

    Follow the below procedure to configure queue manager logs in MVMA/TSMA console.

    1. After this click on Admin Console.

    2. Click on WMQ Connections in left side pane.

    3. Click on the particular queue manager connections. This will open the Connection properties for that queue manager.

    4. Now scroll down to Remote Access properties.

    5. Here select various parameters from your environment. See below example.

    File Access SchemePossible values are Auto-Detect/smb/ssh (via sftp). You can select ssh.Possible values are Auto-Detect/smb/ssh (via sftp). You can select ssh.
    File Access Port2222
    File Access UsermqmAdministrator
    File Access Password <mqm password><Administrator password>
    Global Error Directory /var/mqm/errorsC:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\errors
    MQS.INI File /var/mqm/mqs.iniC:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\mqs.ini
    Queue Manager Log Directory/var/mqm/log/<Qmgr>/activeC:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\log\<QMgr>\active
    Queue Manager Error Directory/var/mqm/qmgrs/<QMgr>/errorsC:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\qmgrs\<QMgr>\errors
    Queue Manager Root Directory/var/mqm/qmgrs/<QMgr>C:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\qmgrs\<QMgr>\
    QM.INI File/var/mqm/qmgrs/<QMgr>/qm.iniC:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\qmgrs\<QMgr>\qm.ini
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    6. Once the values are configured, click on   Discover button. You'll see a success message if MVMA/TSMA can connect to the queue manager properly. 

    User-added image

    7. Now the final step requires you to Add the option to see the files. 
    For this click on the   Edit Layout (pencil icon) button. This is at the bottom of the Left hand side pane. Just above the Status bar. 

    8. In the WMQ Layout Editor window, go to   Columns heading. And search for   Files option in the Available columns list. Select   Files and click on the left arrow to add it to the list of Selected columns. Click on Save button. 

    User-added image

    9. Now when you navigate to the User Console > Projects > WMQ Connection, you should be able to see Files menu in the WMQ Connections menu in the left hand side pane. From here you can access the Queue Manager logs in the MVMA/TSMA console. 

    10. If you're not able to still see the Files menu in the WMQ connections, please perform below to enable the   Remote File Access.
    Navigate to Admin Console > Projects > click on General, you should be seeing the   Remote File Access check the box to enable it. Refresh the dashboard or re-login to MVMA/TSMA console, you will be able to see the Files option menu now. 

    Note : This feature is only available in MVMA/TSMA full edition. You can not configure queue manager connections in Monitor Edition.


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