How to send attachment by API Rest with Postman in Remedy

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    Hi community.


    The way to send attachments (to incidents in this case) using the Jetty API Rest architecture in Remedy is not clear in most articles, so I share the method that worked for me using Postman. However, you may find it useful to replicate it in development environments for productive integrations.



    Pre requirements


    • Have Jetty service configured, functional and accessible in the environment
    • Have Postman installed and functional with scope to the environment in question
    • Know the process to obtain the authentication token



    Once counting on these elements, we can start with the steps for the exercise:



    Step 1

    Create a POST entry to the address:



    Step 2

    Set the headings:

    Authorization: AR-JWT {{token}}

    Content-Type: application / json






    Step 3

    Set the body

    Type: form-data

    An entry (with any name) and the next body as a value



      "values": {

           "Incident Number":"INCIDENTNUMBER",

           "z1D Action":"CREATE",

           "Work Log Type":"General Information",

           "View Access":"Internal",

           "Secure Work Log":"No",

           "Detailed Description":"Add your description",

           "z2AF Work Log01":"chattext.txt"






    Entry value.png


    Where the ticket number and the name of the file to attach is important

    Contenty-type: application / json



    Add another entry with the name: attach-z2AF Work Log01

    Here we select file and load the desired file (whose name must match the one indicated in the body of the entry in step 3)

    Content-type: application / octet-stream





    Step 4

    Ready, we send our call.

    We will receive the confirmation in the response header with a URL





    We have our file attached in the ticket:





    Last Edition:


    I have the parameters to attach files to Work orders.


    URL: https://server:port/api/arsys/v1/entry/WOI:WorkInfo


    Apply step 2 and 3 with same parameters except the body, use this as entry value:



      "values": {

        "Work Order ID":"WORKORDERID",


         "z1D_UserAction":"Create Entry",

         "Communication Source": "Other",

         "Work Log Type":"General Information",

         "View Access":"Public",

         "Secure Work Log":"No",

         "Description":"MY DESCRIPTION",

         "Detailed Description":"MY LARGE DESCRIPTION",

        "z2AF Work Log01":"myfile.txt"




    Take note that it need the two work order id parameters in order to send our file to the ticket.


    Finally we add the file entry with the name:

    attach-z2AF Work Log01

    and select the file (must match the name and extension of the previous entry body).

    Content-type: application / octet-stream


    Send the POST and that is all, we will have our file attached to the work order ticket.