Is Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows and above supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x and Oracle Linux 5

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    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent 9.0.19 ; RHEL 5 ; Oracle Linux 5


    Is Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows and above supported on  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x and Oracle Linux 5


    Control-M/Agent and future release are supported in limited configuration on RHEL 5.x and Oracle Linux 5.x
    Control-M/Agent and above come packaged with OpenJDK do to licensing change policy with Oracle Java.
    OpenJDK does not support RHEL 5 nor Oracle Linux 5 therefore Control-M/Agent and above are supported only with Oracle Java or Azul Java.
    OpenJDK and RHEL compatibility can found at

    Control-M/Agent comes bundled with Open Java and Java application is needed for both installation of the Agent and functionality of the Agent.
    In order to install Control-M/Agent or upgrade to this release one must first install or upgrade to release 9.0.19 base. 
    After base release 9.0.19 is in place upgrade to

      Download the file from EPD and extract it in a temporary folder
      mkdir <ctm_agent>/patches
    cd <ctm_agent>/patches
    zcat  <donwload>/DRKAI. | tar xvf -
      Replace the OpenJDK folder that comes with this the patch with the Oracle JRE install with the Agent 
    • the path to the OpenJDK used for installation is in: <ctm_agent>patches/Setup_files/JRE
    • rename this folder to OpenJRE
      cd <ctm_agentr>patches/Setup_files/ 
      mv JRE  OpenJRE
    • Copy the Agent JRE at: <Agent home>/ctm_agent/ctm/JRE to the download location above <download location>/UNIX/Linux-x86_64/Setup_files/JRE
      mkdir JRE
    cd JRE
    cp -rf <Agent home>/ctm_agent/ctm/JRE/*  .
    For Oracle Linux 5 operating system, the following manual steps should be done when upgrading Control-M/Agent to version
      Move the following file to a temporary backup folder before the installation and restore it back after the installation:  
    <download location>/UNIX/Linux-x86_64/Setup_files/upgrade/file_replacements/inventory_additional_Linux-x86_64.xml   
       Run the installation from the extracted location 


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