TSIM is taking a long time to start properly and to connect to TSPS - TrueSight Infrastructure Management

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Application Server


    TSIM 10.7 FP3 , TSIM, TSIM 11.3.02 ONLY


    TSIM has been started and all processes are running, as checked by the command:

      pw process list 
    However, the TSIM UI cannot be logged into and it is not CONNECTED in TSPS. 

    The startup time is a lot longer than it normally would be. 



    Defect DRTSA-46


    Check the output when running the command:

      pw license list 
    If it states:  
      Failure to connect to server 
    The TSIM is not currently fully operational. 

    Review the pw/pronto/logs/TrueSight.log file for messages like the following:  
      INFO  08/23 05:51:39 InstanceAudit        [ACInit-3] 600002 User <system>: mo.util.UpdateMO -action delete -moTypeId 161 -moInstId 570090  
    INFO  08/23 05:51:39 InstanceAudit        [ACInit-3] 600002 User <system>: mo.util.UpdateMO -action delete -moTypeId 41 -moInstId 138702 
    If these are occurring then the TSIM is in the process of deleting stale thresholds, which are associated with instances that have been removed, something which only occurs on startup by default. 

    If the log contains the above messages, it is important to leave the TSIM to complete this operation, however long this may take.  Do not stop it, or attempt to restart it again. 

    Run the pw license list command every so often and when it no longer returns the 'Failure to connect to server' message the TSIM should then be up and running and should connect into TSPS. 

    A Hotfix has been provided for the following versions: 
    For 11.3.02:     
    For 11.3.01:     
    For 10.7FP3:     
    All Hotfixes are cumulative so install the latest one that is available from the ftp location given for the version being used. 

    Please note, the first restart after applying the Hotfix may still take sometime until the stale thresholds are removed.  Once the Hotfix has been applied and the TSIM restarted, the stale thresholds will then be removed with the instances and no longer at the time of starting. 


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