After SmartIT Upgrade 2.0 -> 18.08 we are not able to migrate our customizations using customization-migration utility

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    Upgrade, customization migration, screen configuration, Provider Action


    All about customization migration utility that is provided with Smart IT installer.


    What is the purpose of the customization-migration utility?
    => The utility is used to move the customization & provider Action from earlier version database tables to new version Remedy Forms. It also migrates CCS parameters.
    Precisely, In older versions of Smart IT, when any customization was performed, the customization was stored into the SmartIT database tables. (Ex: customization, customization_cell et, Providers, etc). In later product versions (starting in 2.0), we started storing the customizations into Forms. This is where the utility comes into picture. 
    If you want to move the customization performed in older version and stored in database to New Version Forms. This utility is used. (Moving customization data from database to Forms).
    When this can be used?
    => When upgrading from environments that stores customization related data in database tables and we want to move it to Forms.
    => If upgrading from 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 the customization use to get stored in the database. From 1805 onwards most of the customization data is stored on the forms.
    What all will be taken care by this utility for different version?
    If customer is on 1.2 & Upgrading to 1805 & above: this utility would also work for Incident, Change.  Smart IT 1.5.01 is the oldest version from which you can directly upgrade to 18.05
    If customer is on 1.6 & upgrading to 1805 & above:  this utility would work for Incident & change 
    If customer is on 2.0 & upgrading to 1805 & above:  this utility would work for Work Order & Task (because Incident & Change customization are already stored at form level)
    What is expected from this utility?
    => This utility will only migrate data if that is present in the database tables. If the customized data is already present on the Forms, then this is skipped.
    What all things does it migrate?
    => Screen Configuration Customization
    => Provider Actions
    => CCS Parameters
    Why the different behaviour was observed in customer environment?
    => Ideally when we are upgrading the form names are renamed from old to new. The renaming of the Form names is done by the ITSM Upgrade installer. 
    The ITSM Upgrade installer takes care of renaming the old form names to new forms.
    In customer environment, both the form names were present old names as well as new names as a result, the utility failed.
    Which forms do we mean here?  MyIT Administration: xxxx forms??  In our upgrade from 2.0 to 18.05 we confirmed that we do not rename these forms. We only rename some FND:SmartITxxxx forms to SMT:SmartITxxx.
    What will happen if we upgrade to higher versions like 1902?
    => This utility will not be required to run, because mostly all your customizations will already be present on the Forms.

    What is data migration utility? When it is used?
     Data Migration utility is used to move the customization data from old Shared SmartIT/MyIT Database AREA_CELL & CELL_EXTENSION TABLES to new separate Smart IT Database tables and respective Forms of upgraded version. 
    Database Table Names:


    Smart IT 1808 Forms:
    SMT:Administration: Asset Customized Data Source Attributes : [ Generic View related data use to store here]
    SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes: [ Type Specific View related data use to store here]


    2.x & earlier Forms:
    MyIT Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes [ Generic View related data use to store here]
    MyIT Administration: Asset Customized Data Source Attributes:  [ Type Specific View related data use to store here]


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