BIRT reports export problems after upgrade to 19.02

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


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    ARS 19.02 version having  reports problems when exporting birt reports to other formats.

    • When you export a birt web report to excel and then open the excel you get a warning message. 
       The file format and extension of <reportname> don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you want to open it anyway?'   
    • This warning did NOT occur with 18.05 or in earlier version. 
    • Word export is OK
    • PPT -Power point export throws also an error and the export can't be opened
       The selected file does not appear to be a valid Microsoft PowerPoint file. It might be a file created by a different program.Try double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer to see if another program will open it. If PowerPoint opens again when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer, it is possible that the file is not a PowerPoint file but that its extension was renamed to be that of a registered PowerPoint file type (such as .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pptx, .pot, or .potx) but the file is not a PowerPoint file.To determine which program can open the file, try any of the following:Contact the original author (if known) to find out which program was used to create this file. Then rename the file with the correct extension so that it can be opened by that program.Try opening the file in other programs.If you, or someone you know, are very knowledgeable about software, examine the file header in a text editor to determine which program can read the file.Another possibility is that the file was damaged during transfer from another computer. Try transferring the file again.The file might have become corrupted. If you have a backup copy of the file, use it. It is not possible repair a corrupted file.    
    • The other problem is that the export to PPTX and DOCX happen without file extension and one have to add them manually (In BMC  lab working fine
    • The problem is easily reproduced by using an OOTB report, like in my test where i used the "All Problem Investigations by Coordinator Group" report. 





    This is a defect arising from a change in the BIRT components used for reporting.  Defect SW00563140 has been addressed in the Nov 12 2019 hotfix against Midtier 1902 patch 1 and 1908.   

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