What is the reason for Data_Mart_Materializer errors with ORA-01652 and ORA-01555 in TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)?

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    What is the reason for Data_Mart_Materializer errors with ORA-01652 and ORA-01555?



    1. The meaning of the Oracle errors:


    ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by string in Tablespace string

      This error does typically mean that the temp table space is not large enough and needs to extended to run the SQL 

    ORA-01555 Snapshot Too Old

      This does usually mean that the UNDO_RETENTION parameter in the database has to be tweaked, or that you need to increase the size of the rolback segment on the database side. 

    2. Get the Data Mart Marterializer System task log

    And check which Data Marts are generating the error, are this Data Mars which are included with the product, or Data Marts provided by a third party vendor like Sentry or Moviri. 
    We suggest to search for the Data Mart Name in Service Cloud if the data mart is found it is likely that it is shipped with the product or shipped by a third party vendor.  
    You can also check in TSCO if you have this Data Mart available, but if you have not deployed the related view you won't find. 
    As a best practice for self defined Data Marts the customer may use a part of the customer name in the prefix of the name.  

    3. Check the size of the Temp and Undo Tablespace and segments in the Database.

    Does it have the minimum required size of 3 GB for each? 
    if not at least 3 GB are recommended.  

    4. If this error is related with a Data Mart shipped with the product or by a third party vendor.

    Check the sizes of the Tablespace under point 3. If it is not the minimum recommended value , increase it. 
    Also use Service Cloud to search for defects, there are a lot if issues like this which has been addressed in a CHF  

    5. If this is a Data Mart which was defined with custom SQL query

    You have to increase the TEMP and UNDO tablespace according the need of the SQL, or you have to optimize the query used in the Data Mart to reduce the load on the TEMP and UNDO Table space, a test which might be worth to run the SQL from the Data Mart outside the product by using a SQL tool like SQL Developer, TOAD, etc.  

    6. Are you running the latest CHF of TSCO?

    Make sure your TSCO console has the latest CHF installed and also check if the Capacity Views were redeployed appropriately after applying the CHF. This is usually a good check to see whether a newer CHF resolves any internal issue within the Datamart Materializer task. 


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