DWP Catalog - Only 1 Attachment is Sent to WO when submitting Requests with Multiple Attachment Fields

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    MyIT Service Broker OnDemand


    Create a Remedy Work Order workflow, and attach a question to it that contains multiple Attachment-type questions.  Submit that Service Request in DWP.
    Observe: When reviewing the WO fulfillment record in ITSM, only 1 attachment is shown.  However, the attachments are showing in DWPC and DWP.  


    Enhancement but WO is available below



    - Add the following variable in the 'Create Remedy Work Order with Identifiers' to the 'Expression for Attachments' variables.
    .  If you are using a Push Notification or Send Email workflow, add this to the variable there as well.

    REPLACE((( Attach1 +  Attach2) +  Attach3), "][", ",") 

    See also attached screen shot.

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